Tortuga Realty (Cayman) Ltd. has been in business since 1987.  If you are interested in property in the Cayman Islands please contact us.

Tortuga Realty Specializes in Service and Creatively Financed Sales. Maynard Tibbetts, Tortuga Realty’s Owner/Broker/Developer/Investor has over 35 years experience in the Real Estate Field.  Our sales department is managed by Grant Farrar who is our Head Sales Representative and has a full knowledge of all our properties on all three islands.

Tortuga Realty is proud to offer Owner Financed Land. There is a down payment of 15% that the Vendor is willing to spread over 3 months for the Purchaser. Regular monthly payments of $200 to $600 would start on the 4th month and would continue for the length of the loan.  If at any time you wished to pay more than the regular monthly payment or if you wished to re-finance through another financial institution, you can do so at any time as there are NO pre-payment penalties.

Please contact us at 947-3050 or look us up on the web at

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