KB Associates is a boutique operational consulting firm with offices in Cayman, Dublin, London and New York. KB Associates advises managers  on operational and compliance issues relevant to the establishment and ongoing management of offshore investment funds.

Asset managers are challenged to increase profitability while prudently managing risk in an environment subject to ever increasing regulatory and product complexity.

Investors are increasingly focused on operational risk both at a manager and at a fund level.

KB Associates offers a range of advisory and project management services to:

  • UCITS Funds
  • Traditional Non-UCITS Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Funds of Hedge Funds

KB Associates also offers a range of advisory and project management services directly to managers to support their internal operations and to address investor due diligence requirements.

By availing of these services, clients are free to focus critical management resources on the investment decision making process secure in the knowledge that all supporting activities are professionally managed.

KB Associates’ activities are underpinned by adherence to its three core values:

  • Independence
  • Commitment
  • Expertise

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