We're a fresh approach to telecommunications for the Caribbean. And we stand on a single principle. A promise that we'll use our international credentials to bring the best technologies to the region and build products and services that make Caribbean people's lives better; and a promise that we'll deliver the best service and the best communication solutions across the board - from landline to mobile and from broadband to TV and entertainment.

From standing at the centre of recovery efforts during times of national emergency to investing more than US$5million into major carnivals, which celebrate culture, music, dance and Caribbeanness, FLOW works tirelessly to make things better for Caribbean communities. Our FLOW Green campaign will reduce our carbon footprint and we'll make sure every child in every one of our markets has access to a computer with an Internet connection, so they have access to a world of education.

We believe that the Caribbean deserves a better place, better for our customers, better for our colleagues and better for the communities that we serve.

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9 am - 7 pm Monday- Friday
9 am - 6 pm Saturday
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Tel: 9497800
Web Site: https://discoverflow.ky/

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  • Centennial Towers
  • Countryside Shopping Village
  • Anderson Square

Our Mission

To understand and deliver to our Governments, Businesses, and Families

Our Vision

Always working to improve life in the Caribbean

Our Promise

Building, connecting and serving our communities