Moving On

There is more turmoil in corporate America today than in the last fifty years. Companies are merging, downsizing, moving abroad and undergoing traumatic changes. This increases stress tremendously and, in many cases, impairs productivity. Employees feel compelled to work harder, do more, and thus ensure their jobs. But is that really the right answer? Glenn […]


Document Archiving

Heritage Holdings Ltd. offers intuitive racking solutions to accommodate all your archiving needs. Our systems are custom designed to maximize the number of boxes that can be stored and organized while still making each box conveniently accessible. We utilize the full volume of our warehouses by racking vertically, the top shelf being positioned 20’ high. […]



Heritage Holdings Ltd. caters to local shoppers and vendors alike, balancing the needs of nearby residential communities and business districts. We take into account community and retailer trends to build retail centers that are suited to a particular locale and to realize municipal expectations for economic growth, ease of use and access to customers. Our […]